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Nissi Therapy, Wellness, Beauty projections have a period of 7 business days to make changes, exercise the right of withdrawal and reversion.

The request must be notified to our Customer Service team through one of these channels: calling the Customer Service line at +1 317 795 9519 in Indianapolis USA, writing to us at or our service channel on whatsapp +1 317 795 9519



The client may request the exchange of the product purchased in any of Nissi Therapy, Wellness, Beauty marketing channels, within 5 business days following the purchase, provided that the product is in good condition, has no signs of use, has the original labels and do not deal with crates and/or pharmaceutical products.

Imago Petshop made the change for another product of equal or greater value, in which case the customer must pay the excess. No refund will be made in these cases.

To change the product, the customer must go to the point of sale located in the city of 6801 Lake Plaza Drive Indianapolia,IN Suite 102-A and present the purchase invoice, if you do not have it, you can request the proof and/or certificate of purchase, this applies to the city of Indianapolis IND.

In cases of sales outside the city of Indianapolis IND, the customer must pay the value corresponding to the transportation for the return of the product and shipment of the new item.


Payment reversal:

The right of reversion proceeds when the purchase is made at and/or through the line +1 317 795 9519 the payment is made by credit card, debit card or any other means of electronic payment and, one of the following cases occurs:

The purchased product is not delivered.

When the collection corresponds to an unsolicited operation or is subject to fraud.

Product delivered is not the one requested.

Product is defective or in poor condition (at this point, the client's obligation to check the product very well at an aesthetic level in the company of the carrier before signing the "conformity receipt" guide applies as a restriction, if it is signed without reviewing the product will lose the right to claim for breakdown, shortages or causes that do not correspond to factory defects).


The client must make the payment reversal request within 5 business days following the expected date for delivery or the date on which he received the wrong or defective product, or the moment he learned of the unsolicited charge.

In the event of any of the cases described, Imago Petshop, after verification and approval in accordance with the provisions of this document, will assume the value of transportation corresponding to changes or returns outside of Indiana IND.



The client may withdraw or withdraw the purchase(s) made through the website within 5 business days following the purchase request on the Web page.

In the event that the product(s) had already been delivered to the carrier and/or delivered to the consumer, the value corresponding to transportation will not be refunded and the consumer must pay the value to the transport necessary for the return of the corresponding product to Nissi Theraphy, Wellness, Beauty.



Once the request is received, the Customer Service Team will contact you to verify whether or not the request is appropriate, and if necessary, request additional information, as well as to provide the necessary information for the shipment of the product of the change or return.

In all cases, the product(s) must be returned in optimal condition, without traces of having been used, with the original labels or, failing that, if they have already been removed, you must enter them in the packaging and not in the case of crates and/or pharmaceutical products.

In the cases of payment reversal and/or withdrawal, the money will be returned within a maximum period of 30 calendar days from the date the client exercised the right.

Money return times may vary depending on the payment method used by the customer.

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