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Martha Rocio Umanais a Certified Professional, with over 18 years of training and experience in post-operative therapy.


His passion is to optimize the results of surgeries to the maximum and provide comprehensive support to his patients throughout the recovery process with human quality and professionalism.

Certified Physiotherapist in Colombia

  • Certified Massage Therapist in Florida and in the state of Indiana

  • Certified Medical Esthetician in Bogotá, Colombia

  • Medical Assistant Miami, Florida

  • Certified Esthetician in Florida.

  • Decongestive Therapy Training (Treatment of venous, lymphatic and arterial diseases and Lymphatic Drainage) Bogotá, Colombia

  • Training in Post Operative Therapy Bogotá Colombia.

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Lymphatic drainage and post-operative therapy is a complementary therapy to plastic surgery that speeds up the recovery process, reduces symptoms, prevents complications, and helps retract the skin from the surgical area.

It basically consists of Manual Lymphatic Drainage and a series of Therapeutic techniques applied during the recovery time, with the aim of accelerating the recovery process and avoiding complications.


It is an essential type of massage after surgery that consists of very soft and slow manipulations in the direction of the lymphatic vessels, with the aim of mobilizing inflammatory fluids, toxins and fat cells, eliminating them from the body through urine. True lymphatic drainage should not cause pain.


Lymphatic drainage is very important in the postoperative process and has many benefits, some of these are:


  • Helps to eliminate the inflammatory fluid produced by the body after surgery,

  • decreases the pain

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Produces relaxation effect

  • Helps the absorption of bruises (purple)

  • Accelerates the healing process.



Therapeutic techniques are a good complement to lymphatic drainage, they help to optimize the results of postoperative therapy, such as skin retraction, pain reduction, inflammation reduction and help good and rapid healing of the skin and prevent or remove fibrosis.

Postoperative recovery is a surgical procedure, therefore it must be performed by a highly qualified and certified professional, otherwise the results of the surgery may not be the best.


The duration of the postoperative massage varies, depending on the type of surgery and the operated areas of the patient.

Approximately it lasts between 1 hour and 1 hour and a half.


We accompany you and are available at all times to advise you, clear up doubts and guide you in this process that is so important to you.


Welcome to the Nissi family!


NISSI THERAPY & WELLNESS | masaje drenaje linfatico

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage massage is very necessary and decisive in the outcome of the surgery.  Lymphatic drainage should not cause pain and it is very important that it be performed by a highly trained professional in this technique. The incorrect application  of lymphatic drainage can cause irreversible damage in surgery.

NISSI THERAPY & WELLNESS | Eliminación de fibrosis

Nutritional Guide 

It is very important to follow a proper diet after surgery, consume the foods indicated in the postoperative period, it helps improve skin healing, decreases inflammation and helps preserve the new transferred fat and prevents increased inflammation.

NISSI THERAPY & WELLNESS | Eliminación de fibrosis

Post Operative Therapy

Post-operative therapy is a complement to lymphatic drainage and optimizes the results of surgery, such as reducing inflammation and helping to retract or stick the skin.

NISSI THERAPY & WELLNESS | masaje drenaje linfatico

fibrosis removal

Corrective postoperative therapy consists of correcting some sequelae that remain after a certain time after surgery. Like him, scar tissue, loose or not flaccid skin, chronic inflammation, etc.

NISSI THERAPY & WELLNESS | Eliminación de fibrosis
fibrosis removal

The appearance of lumps, bumps or hardened areas on the skin after surgery can have irreversible consequences in post-surgical results 

This type of therapy eliminates fibrosis and scar tissue, completely improving the appearance of the skin.

Masajes post operatorios

Advice and sale of post-surgical (Colombian) girdles.

Nissi Therapy & Wellness imports Colombian girdles of excellent  quality and design and advises you on the correct type of girdle you need, depending on your surgery and post-operative time.

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